Common Problems



1. What does Buygogo do?


  Buygogo can do a consignment for sellers in Southeast Asia, supporting multi platform self shipment, such as Lazada, Shopee, TK, etc?



2. What products are available on the Buygogo platform?


  The website currently includes home furnishings, pets, children toys, automotive parts, outdoor products, hardware tools, beauty, home appliances, 3C, luggage, home textiles, clothing, etc. The products are updated every month to solve your selection problem.



3. Can both pictures and descriptions be used directly?


  Sure. The pictures and product descriptions on the website are provided free of charge to all sellers. To avoid being judged by the system to have high similarity in the listing, please adjust the product title, selling point description, and images yourself.。



4. Are the goods in the overseas warehouse?


  Yes, all the goods are already in the overseas warehouse.


  Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam all have warehouses. The warehouse will select the optimal shipment based on the customer order address and logistics situation.。



5. How about the logistics efficiency?


  Generally, delivery takes 3-10 working days, and 5-12 working days in remote areas.



6. Does Buygogo support one click listing of products to the store.?


  Buygogo supports one click publishing so that you can list products in your store.。