Shipping Policy


Shipping Time

We will ship as soon as possible according to the order of payment, generally will be sent within the commodity shipment period, part of the situation by the epidemic or the impact of objective logistics factors may be delayed, please be patient。

Estimated transit time for shipments from China: 15 to 30 days for general logistics, 5 to 12 days for express logistics。(Different countries time is different, specific can contact customer service)

Overseas local warehouse shipment, the estimated shipping time is: 5-7 days, some remote areas for 7-15 days。



We will check the logistics channel you choose when you place your order and the item will be sent out through the logistics channel you specify. Logistics channels include: DHL, UPS, J&T, LEX, BEST Express, Ninja Van, Flash Express, Kerry Express, etc 。


Order Changes

Before the item is sent out, you can cancel the order in your personal center and we will give you a full refund. If you request to cancel the order after the item has been sent out, we will deduct the logistics cost from the order amount。


Logistics Enquiry

Please log in to BUYGOGO Mall with the account you placed the order with, and check the logistics dynamics in the order details in the personal center; or contact the online customer service of the mall to check。


Signing Instructions

1, to confirm the order, please try to leave the address and contact phone number can be signed by myself, so that you can successfully receive the goods。

2, when the goods are delivered, please check whether the packaging is intact, whether the number of types of goods with the order content. If there is any problem, please be sure to contact us when the courier is present。

3、In the case that I can not personally sign for the receipt, please entrust someone else to sign for the receipt and strictly in accordance with the contents of the second operation。