Beginner Guide


1.Sign Up


 · Step 1:Find it in the top left corner of the Buygogo homepageSign Upentrance, click to enter


 · Step 2:Please enter your phone number and click to obtain a mobile verification code for verification.


 · Step 3:Enter the password you set, please save it properly for you to log in.Finally, click on registration to enter Buygogo.






 Account login

Start your business and share success with BUYGOGO!


 · Step 1:You can click on the top left corner Dear, Please Log In Enter the login page




 · Step 2:Enter your phone number and password in the login box. If entered correctly, you can complete the login process






3.Bind Store


 · Step 1:come User Center,Bind your store account to make it easier for you to use platform features such as one click publishing and order management in the future




 · Step 2:Select the corresponding platform for your store, click on the store list, and add a new store.




 · Step 3:Enter your store name, select the corresponding site, and click OK




 · Step 4:Enter the email and password that need to be bound to the store.





3.Selection Product


①Search for keywords to find the product you want to distribute.


②In the category navigation, find the product you want to distribute.


③On the homepage and core page, find the product you want to distribute.


If not, please issue a purchase request to us. We will find the product for you within 48 hours.



(Click on the icon for immediate procurement, which can directly jump to the pending procurement page)


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