After Sales Policy


Return Policy

Merchandise can be returned to customers without reason within 15 days from the date of receipt. Merchandise requested for return must be approved by the merchant of the store where it is located。



Customers need to send back the goods to be returned by courier by themselves, please do not choose to pay by delivery method



Customers should ensure that the return of goods packaging, hangtags, invoices, all original labels need to be complete, the goods are unworn, unworn, unwashed, no dirt, damage (such as not modify their own size, washing, leather waxing, embroidery, etc.), otherwise will not be able to handle the return of services。


Special Attention:

1. Shoes with damaged packaging (including parcel fillers, branded boxes or bags, and tape wrapped directly around the outside of the shoe box), as well as shoes with worn uppers and soles that already have traces of wear, will not be returned。

2. Products with non-returnable markings and free gifts cannot be returned

3. Please be sure to check your return carefully before shipping. We are not responsible for returns of non-Buygogo products。

4. If you receive a damaged/defective item, please contact our customer service within 24 hours of receipt


No reason for return see definition

Due to your subjective reasons do not want to continue to complete the transaction of this order, such as: the user to buy the wrong / buy more goods (repeat orders, buy the wrong color, style or size); the seller is considered to be the normal quality of the goods (clothes with threads, not obvious stains, the existence of a slight color difference, the sale of defective products at a reduced price, different batches of commodities, such as logos, labels, and other minor adjustments);The user doesn't want the product anymore (the product can't be shipped via the route specified by the user with a postal limit, the shipping cost exceeds the user budget, the waiting time for the pre-sale product is too long, or the product is subjectively considered to be of poor quality or not what you imagined after looking at the photos of the quality control test); the product for which the request for a return/exchange is made must be approved by the merchant of the store in which it is located。


Refund Policy

1. Users in line with the conditions of return for refund or refund only, you can in the order list after-sales application operation processing;

2. Refunds will be made according to the original payment method you chose, the amount of coupons and other promotions are not included;

3. If you do not select a refund method, we will follow your selection in the refund record。


When can I expect my refund

We will process your request within 5 business days of receiving your return. The refund will be made to your original payment account as per your request. You will receive a refund notification email once the refund has been processed. Refund time depends on your refund method and bank。


How do I get a refund if my credit/debit card is no longer valid or has expired?

For security reasons, refunds will only be processed to the original card from which the payment was deducted.

 If your original card has expired or is no longer valid, you can contact your card issuer (your bank or card issuer) for assistance; they can still collect on your behalf.


Why is the amount received less than the refunded amount?

1. Banks charge handling fees.

2. Changes in exchange rates compared to those at the time of payment.

3. Refunds are used to deduct installment fees.

4. Refunds are based on the price actually paid, not the sales price.

If you receive less than the original amount, you can contact your bank to check the above.

Note: Original shipping charges are non-refundable.