Disclaimer of Warranty


Buygogo is committed to eliminating all your worries about international online shopping.In order to ensure that the goods you purchased can be received smoothly, we will have corresponding processing standards for the goods that have arrived. Since Taobao and other websites may have illegal business practices, please shop carefully; The following special circumstances are deemed to be your consent and follow-up operations. If you have any doubts, please contact customer service staff to verify when submitting the order.


1.Sensitive goods:


Contains sensitive items such as essential oils, care fluids, lubricants, batteries, glue, etc., In order to ensure your normal delivery, we will take it out for you.


2.Customs policy:

Containing brands, large quantities of liquids,powders, live goods, food, medicines, etc. may be subject to customs policies and there are certain shipping risks.If the consequences of the above risks arise, this site is not responsible for customs clearance and assumes related legal responsibilities.


3.Unable to inspect the goods professionally:

If you purchase electrical appliances, brands, tickets, cards, models and other goods, we will not be able to do professional (quality, authenticity, completeness, etc.) inspections for the goods you ordered; when the quality inspectors accept the goods, they can only check whether the appearance of the goods is intact and the accessories are complete, but they cannot be turned on to check whether the goods have quality problems.


4.Vulnerable products:

It contains ceramic, glass products, irregularly shaped goods (wipers, car baffles, etc.), etc. The goods are tossed and tossed many times during transportation, which may cause the goods to wear and break. Please purchase carefully. We guarantee the integrity of the goods before delivery, but if the goods are damaged during delivery and are determined to be fragile by the logistics, you will bear the resulting losses.


5.Customized goods:

If the order you submit is a customized product, it is recommended that you negotiate with the merchant.Order the product according to your ideas and ideas.After successful negotiation with the merchant, you need to provide the Want Want, contact information or password to contact the merchant.We cannot do professional inspections for you for such goods, and you shall bear the resulting losses.


6.Deposit slip:

Due to the regulations of Taobao sellers, the deposit cannot be cancelled after the order is taken. At the same time, you need to follow up on the information released by the seller to make up the balance, and the payment can only be shipped after the payment is made up.If the balance is not made up after the expiration date, the deposit will not be refunded.


7.Seller's reputation is low:

It is recommended that you choose a store with a store reputation of more than three months and pay a Taobao deposit to purchase goods.Stores with low merchant reputation and no insurance premiums may have disputes such as non-delivery by sellers, false delivery, after-sales, and rights protection, and the resulting losses shall be borne by you.


8.”CD“ and ”hand-made" products:

Since both ”CD“ and ”hand-made" goods have high collection value, in order not to affect the user's collection, the inspection standard for such goods is not to remove the plastic bag for inspection, only to check whether the appearance is damaged, the details of the inner parts cannot be specifically verified, and the resulting risks must be borne by you.


If the order you submit has the above risks, we will treat it as if you have read and accepted the above terms. Please be sure to read it carefully. Buygogo reserves all rights of interpretation!