Intellectual property protection policy


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Welcome to use the products and/or services provided by the BUYGOGO Platform! The BUYGOGO Platform (hereinafter referred to as "BUYGOGO" or "we" or "us"), as a platform providing online creation and transaction services for users, has always adhered to the principle of respecting and protecting intellectual property rights. The BUYGOGO Platform ("BUYGOGO" or "We"), as a platform that provides users with online creation and trading services, has always adhered to the principle of respecting and protecting intellectual property.In order to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights holders (hereinafter referred to as the "Rights Holders"), BUYGOGO has formulated this Intellectual Property Protection Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") in accordance with the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations of the People Republic of China and the relevant policies, in order to specify the ways and procedures for the Rights Holders to defend their rights through the Platform, and to ensure that the Rights Holders can protect their legitimate rights and interests in a timely and effective manner.


一、On intellectual property


Intellectual property rights refer to the rights recognized and enjoyed by natural or legal persons in accordance with the law to the intellectual achievements created by natural persons through intellectual work that meet the legal conditions. Intellectual property rights are protected by national laws, and the State grants the creator the exclusive right or right to exclusive possession of his intellectual achievements for a certain period of time and within a certain area.The three main types of intellectual property rights are copyrights, patents and trademarks.


二、rights protection


(一)Complaint rules

BUYGOGO Platform has always requested all platform users not to infringe on others' intellectual property rights, and strongly opposes and combats intellectual property rights infringement. However, due to the current technical conditions and other uncontrollable reasons, the BUYGOGO Platform is still unable to guarantee that the infringement of intellectual property rights will be completely stopped.Therefore, if you believe that the content on the BUYGOGO platform (including but not limited to pictures and product information released by users of the BUYGOGO platform) infringes on your legitimate rights and interests, you may contact us at the first time and provide us with preliminary evidence of infringement in accordance with the following requirements, and BUYGOGO will promptly deal with the infringement according to the corresponding laws and regulations and the rules of the BUYGOGO platform upon receipt of your qualified notification and preliminary evidence. BUYGOGO platform rules in a timely manner. Specific complaints and requirements are as follows:

1. Complaints

Download and complete the Notice of Infringement Complaint and send the completed notice and scanned copies of valid supporting documents to

2. Complaint requirements

In order to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests while being able to protect the normal operating order of the platform, and to allow your complaints to be quickly processed and feedback, you should synchronize the following supporting documents when filing a complaint:

(1) Identification and contact information:

a. If the complainant is an individual, he/she should provide a copy of his/her identity card/passport, the e-mail address of the contact person and the contact telephone number.

b. If the complainant is an enterprise, it should provide a copy of the business license with the official seal, the contact person email address and the contact telephone number.

(2) Proof of ownership:

a. If the complaining party is the owner of intellectual property rights, it should provide the following documents to prove ownership: trademark registration certificate, copyright registration certificate or any evidence material that can prove the originality of the work.

b. If the complaining party is not the owner of the intellectual property right, in addition to the above documents proving ownership, it should also provide a power of attorney signed or stamped by the owner of the intellectual property right, and the power of attorney should state the scope of the authorization, including, but not limited to, the authorization of the complaining party to deal with the infringement complaint and other related matters on behalf of the complaining party.

(3) Details of the infringement:

Complained about the alleged infringement of page links, screenshots, photos and other materials, as well as the corresponding text description. If there is more than one infringing behavior, the evidence material of each infringing behavior should be provided separately.

(4) Statement of authenticity:

The complaining party shall make a declaration of authenticity to ensure that all materials submitted are true, legal and valid.

(二)Processing flow

1、After the complainant initiates an infringement complaint and submits the corresponding complaint information according to the requirements, BUYGOGO will confirm the completeness of the information submitted by the complainant, and if the information is lacking, the complainant should make up for it according to the requirements.

2. When the complaint information submitted by the complainant is complete and meets the requirements for acceptance, BUYGOGO will inform the complainant that it has formally accepted his/her complaint and will take necessary measures, including, but not limited to, disconnecting the link, removing the relevant goods from the shelves, canceling the order, stopping the production, or freezing the account.

3、According to the relevant national laws and regulations, BUYGOGO platform will forward the complaint to the complainant after receiving the complainant relevant complaint materials in compliance with the requirements of the legal provisions of the case, so that both parties can actively prove. The scope of the forwarded materials will include the name of the complainant, contact e-mail, proof of ownership and other preliminary evidence of infringement, but does not include the complainant private phone number, identity documents and other private information and the complainant declared in advance that it is inconvenient to forward the materials.

4. If the respondent does not recognize the infringement upon receipt of the notice of infringement, it shall submit a statement of non-existence of the infringement within five working days after receipt of the notice, and the statement shall include prima facie evidence of non-existence of the infringement.

5. We will forward the counter-notice and related materials provided by the respondent to the complainant.If the complainant fails to file a complaint with the relevant authorities or file a lawsuit with the People Court within the period prescribed by the relevant laws and regulations and sends us a notice of the complaint or lawsuit, we will accordingly take measures such as maintaining and restoring the shelves, without assuming any legal responsibility.

6. If the complainant does not respond within a reasonable period of time to the notice of correction of information or the respondent counter-notice without justifiable reasons or fails to give effective feedback, we will consider that the complainant has withdrawn his/her complaint.


三、Other considerations


1、The Complainant warrants that the statements made and materials provided in the notice of infringement are true, valid and lawful, and warrants that he/she will bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom.Including, but not limited to, all damages suffered by us as a result of processing the content complained of in accordance with the Complainant notice.

2. Complainants shall conduct rights defense activities in accordance with the requirements of these Guidelines and relevant laws and regulations. Any abuse of intellectual property rights for malicious complaints and crowding out of competitors is suspected of constituting unfair competition.We shall be legally responsible in accordance with the law, and we reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility for any damage caused to us as a result.

This Intellectual Property Protection Policy will be effective from April 20, 2022 onwards. If you do not agree with the content of this Policy, please stop accessing/using the BUYGOGO Platform/BUYGOGO Services immediately.If you continue to use the services/goods provided by the BUYGOGO Platform, you are deemed to have read and accepted this "Intellectual Property Protection Policy". The final interpretation of this policy belongs to BUYGOGO Platform.